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What is Credit Repair?

Credit history or Credit report is a record which gives information about an individual or an organization's loans and repaying history. It helps banks and other loan granting bodies to make a decision about giving future credits. The word "credit reputation" or "credit score" then emerges.

A good credit score which is usually greater than 700 is advised by most credit management companies. Though most of the credit scores fall under 600 to 750 range. According to a stat about 79% of the consumers find a flaw or inaccuracy in their credit report. The two most common reported errors are negative information or negative behavior. Here we will guide you to address both the problems.

Leading Credit Repair Company

Here at Accurate Credit Solutions Now we guide you how to enhance your score. So that you can get back what you always wanted and deserved, our years of experience and constant learning has helped us gain the right methods which can benefit you by enhancing your credit score. We have developed a full proof method that has time and time proved to be flawless and effective. We receive training and keep updated with the latest credit repair laws and techniques.

Secrets and Guidelines for Affordable Credit Repair :-

"The Federal Trade Commission" has laid some guidelines for individuals or organizations who are looking to repair their low credit scores. Here are some hidden secrets which very few credit repair companies disclose.

* Do you know that according to the Credit Repair Organizations Act, no credit repaid company can charge you until they have completed their services as promised.

* Usually a credit repair company does not reveal that you have rights vested to you which allow you to do a lot of things yourself for free.

* A credit repair company may lure you to eliminate all negative credit information from your credit report, despite the fact no negative information existed.

* Misguiding you to create a new credit identity and a fresh credit report by using your Employer Identification Number in place of your Social Security number.

* Making false promises and claims, most of the credit repair companies are focused on getting their fees rather than assisting you. You will find that you are given a timeline which they can never meet, if met most of the things are not as you expected or advising you to dispute all the information inscribed in your credit report, even though the information is accurate. Ending up doing more damage than alleviating the problem.